The coming together of the six individuals mentioned above,
represents the union of some of New Jerseys finest musical talent today……
Most uniquely also is the manner in which all the members were drawn together……..
Chris " Martine" Marashlian of Toms River, N. J……..
over breakfast one Morning at home in 1996,
happened to strike up a conversation with his disabled brothers home health aide,
who happened to mention that her two sons were also musicians……….
" Martine" at the time, happened to be searching for a lead guitarist
to start up a recording project…..

Months down the road, Ray Pond Jr. and Chris " Martine" Marashlian finally met…….
An informal rehearsal followed, a few ideas touched upon by both………
Not until December of 1998 did they finally begin recording
on Rays computer in Jackson, N. J.
The quality digital sound recording produced, was so clean, and Ponds style was
exactly the sound Chris Martine was looking for to produce his C D with……

Hence, a sound Had evolved………….
And ultimately, the beginning of the Birth and formation of CATSREVENGE………..

Afterwards……all else seemed to fall into place, just all within a
matter of time and as a matter of certainty………
Rays long time friend, drummer Kevin Callanan, seemed
to be the next most likely candidate.
One night, Martine And Pond checked Callanan out,
who just happened to be doing a gig in Lakewood, N. J………
Martine loved the driving, steady, and clockwork style drumming he heard that night,
and was convinced that Kevin was the one for the job…….
Following the recording of about 12 songs ( basic tracks) , using a Yamaha drum machine,
the time had come to take it to the next level.
Kevin Callanans drums were now recorded remotely,
down Kevins basement, then replaced the existing Yamaha drum tracks.

Now things really started to cook………….

Panos Chrisovergis, a fine, classically trained pianist,
Is a musician whom Martine met while doing freelance Club dates.
Martine always noticed how tastefully Panos would accompany singers,
whenever they worked together.
You really see what a Pianist is all about in those " special moments",
when it`s only the pianist and the singer……
Panos` acoustic piano work as well As his wonderful string embellishments,
have added The perfect layers to many of
Chris Martines` Compositions on the CD…….
During his search for group personnel, Martine sought to network online
to meet others that could possibly fit into the project as well.

A Sax soloist and a female vocalist were both sought.
So just as it was meant to unfold,
Martine happened to be lucky enough to meet up with Cheryl Parker,
from Ocean Grove, N. J. on the Internet…
It was E mail back and forth for months….
Cheryl herself Having recently released her own Jazz C D,
was very enthusiastic and morally supportive of the fact that
" Martine" was working on an indy C D much as she had recently done.
Their cyber friendship Became a musical one.
Chris now looked to Cheryl As a human resources consultant,
in an attempt To locate and narrow down his search for one of
New Jerseys` finest Sax players. It didn't take long By any means…..
Cheryl referred Chris to 3 Possibilities….

but by fate, all things just seemed to point to one person only….
Danny Walsh, a Musicians musician…
.Danny, having the most Awesome credentials any musician could possibly ask for, was the man…
Having worked with groups such as Aerosmith, the Allman brothers,
and greats such as Jaco Pastorius, Freddie Hubbard and Lenny White, just to name a few…..
In my mind….Danny`s The icing on the cake……

Such was the formation Of CATS REVENGE………….

Chris " Martine" Marashlian