Sounds, Moods and Grooves.

Raw Electric Rock guitar along with sensitive ballads,
Rock Ballads, Blues Rock and Funk
all come together to form a stylish sound combination.
Native of Newark, NJ Producer/Musician and founder of Cats Revenge,
Chris "Martine"Marashlian (Bass, Synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)….
Teamed up with Ray Pond Jr. (Lead Guitar) ….
Panos Chrisovergis (Keyboards....
Kevin Callanan (Drums).…
Danny Walsh (Saxophone) and
Cheryl Parker (Background Vocals)….
were all just the right ingredients needed to make this project a success….
As all good things in life go through their own individual processes of development,
till maturity sees them to fruition..
So as such, CATS REVENGE'S time has finally come….